As a research organization we frequently publish books on Education which encapsulate our focus on actualizing one's potential and creating Persons of Substance. These publications serve as a testament to our focus on fostering well-rounded individuals.
Perspectives on Education and Learning: Where Is Education Headed?
Pallavan Learning Systems provided a platform to those with distinct perspectives on education and learning through our proposed e-book. The intent of the e-book was to collate innovative and valuable thoughts on education and learning and share them with the larger audience for the benefit of society. We received nineteen high-quality theoretical and empirical original research papers, case studies, review papers, and technical notes.
Youth - The Emerging Trends
Centre for Escalation of Peace invited young scholars to contribute their thoughts, ideas and experiences through original articles to be put together in the form of an e-book. Aptly titled Youth – The Emerging Trends, the e-book seeks to highlight various topics important to the youth and showcase how they think regarding these themes. The e-book contains twelve chosen articles by youth of varying ages and backgrounds – the youngest is in Grade 6 while the older ones range from those in college to those working in the education sector or the environmental sector. The focus of the articles is diverse, with recurring themes being education, technology, climate change and sustainability.
The Unseen Revolution
Arun Kapur
When the author’s last book Serene Strength, was written in 2019, the landscape was very different. In Serene Strength, he mentioned that technology is moving at breakneck speed, and by 2030 we will have a technological revolution upon us. Over the past three years, so much has changed. The Pandemic has acted as a catalyst, and many of the things which he said would happen by 2030 have been brought forward significantly, if not already happening. In the Unseen Revolution,the author highlights what he sees as some of the biggest trends in technology, education, and career that we need to pay heed to if want our learners to thrive in this new emerging future. This is not a panacea by any means but an invitation to take a long-sighted view in exploring the possible futures and implementing well-thought-out plans to mould and usher in this future for the benefit of humanity.
Unlearning: Augmented Intelligence and the Role of Technology in Education
Arun Kapur
This is a collection of 13 articles written by Arun Kapur in 2020 encompassing his theories on education and the increasing role of technology in shaping education in the 21st Century. He hopes the ideas collated in this book continue to challenge people to re-examine the purpose of education as well as bring about significant changes in structures and processes in order to enable institutions and society to put our learners at the centre of the learning journey so that they are able to actualise their potential.
Serene Strength – The Role of Education and Learning in the Making of a Person of Substance
Arun Kapur
In a world that is characterized by change, education has somehow managed to elude the grasp of this constant. However, the information revolution has ushered in an era of unprecedented re-design and forced us to question the way we think about education. For thinkers, planners, educationists, parents, guardians and the entire society, it is time to forge a new educational outcome in tune with the times to help our learners to thrive in the future.
A Person of Substance e-book
A Person of Substance e-book is a compilation of student essays from the India Bhutan Youth Summit 2018. The main objective of the youth summit is to enhance the ties between the youth of both countries and create an understanding of the importance of building India-Bhutan friendship. The Summit also seeks to create a pool of potential ambassadors, in both countries, who will carry forward the collaboration. The nine-day programme was structured in a manner where learning experiences would incorporate a combination of academics and adventure. It included an introduction to Bhutan and India, a three/four-day trek across the pristine landscapes, interactions amongst the participants on core issues, and meetings between the participants and eminent people.
Leading Out: The True Purpose of Education
Arun Kapur
This book searches for the true purpose of education and finds it in the emergence of self-leadership. The root meaning of the word ‘educo’ is to ‘lead out’ and the book describes the components of an education system that will develop learners who will be self-empowered to take on leadership roles - in classrooms, in communities and on the world stage.
Transforming Schools: Empowering Children
Arun Kapur
Transforming Schools: Empowering Children talks about teaching and learning in the school environment with an understanding that the art and practice of teaching need to keep pace with emerging demands and challenges. This book provides tools and resources for directing a school on its journey, along with growth plans for all stakeholders - students, teachers, administrators and parents.