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When I wrote my last book Serene Strength, in 2019, the landscape was very different. In Serene Strength, I mentioned that technology is moving at breakneck speed, and by 2030 we will have a technological revolution upon us. Over the past three years, so much has changed. The Pandemic has acted as a catalyst, and many of the things which I said would happen by 2030 have been brought forward significantly, if not already happening. In the Unseen Revolution, I have highlighted what I see as some of the biggest trends in technology, education, and career that we need to pay heed to if want our learners to thrive in this new emerging future. This is not a panacea by any means but an invitation to take a long-sighted view in exploring the possible futures and implementing well-thought-out plans to mould and usher in this future for the benefit of humanity.

New Release March 2021

Unlearning: Augmented Intelligence and the Role of Technology in Education

This is a collection of 13 articles written by Arun Kapur in 2020 encompassing his theories on education and the increasing role of technology in shaping education in the 21st Century. He hopes the ideas collated in this book continue to challenge people to re-examine the purpose of education as well as bring about significant changes in structures and processes in order to enable institutions and society to put our learners at the centre of the learning journey so that they are able to actualise their potential.

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