We conduct regular workshops, webinars and retreats. The reports allow for the consolidation of knowledge and insights gained during these events, providing a comprehensive record of the key takeaways. The reports serve as a valuable resource for future reference, enabling us to build upon the knowledge acquired and facilitate continuous improvement in our educational practices. Additionally, the reports act as a means of sharing findings, recommendations, and best practices with colleagues, stakeholders, and the broader educational community, fostering collaboration, learning, and the dissemination of knowledge for the benefit of all.

THE TRUE POTENTIAL OF THE MIND: Primordial Wisdom in the Age of Scientific and Technological Breakthroughs
8-9th December, 2022
A two-day workshop was organized with Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche during which Rinpoche discussed four important factors: intention/motivation, view, meditation, and application. He emphasized the interconnectedness of all beings and the need to transform ourselves to bring positive change to the world. Rinpoche also explored the nature of awareness and its role in meditation, highlighting the importance of recognizing and cultivating awareness in daily life. Additionally, he addressed the impact of technology, suggesting mindful integration of meditation practices while using devices and providing tips for maintaining mental and social well-being.
Ways of Learning: PLS Webinar
10th March, 2021
This webinar was geared towards understanding how students are navigating the new terrain brought about by constantly evolving technological, societal and educational realms. Through this interactive webinar consisting of student moderators and speakers, we sought to listen to their experiences and insights in order to gauge how their learning journey is constantly transforming and evolving. The webinar discussed the importance of learning how to learn, emphasising the process of learning and the need to be in a constant learning mode, while also highlighting the roles of self, teachers, and parents in education. It explored the advantages and challenges of online learning in the digital era and concluded that hybrid learning, combining the benefits of digital and physical interactions, is the future of education.
Online Facilitation – Difficulties and Opportunities: PLS Webinar
30th September, 2020
This webinar sought to bring together people from diverse fields to discuss how the move towards online learning platforms need to be coupled with innovative and evolving online facilitation skills. In addition to discussing diverse types of online interaction and virtual learning, the webinar focused on hybrid learning and conducting impactful online learning experiences.
School Leaders’ Retreat 2020
8-9th July, 2020
The School Leaders' Retreat is a biennial program that brings together school leaders in the Asia-Pacific community to discuss and learn together, aiming to foster shared values and create a network of leaders. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the retreat was held online over two days, focusing on topics such as managing change, the impact of change on education, and the crucibles of leadership. Participants emphasized the need for adaptive leadership, resilience, and the importance of involving all stakeholders in the learning process.