Learning Resources

We have curated a vast collection of online resources, meticulously compiled to support learners and educators in their wholistic growth. These resources encompass a wide range of subjects, covering academic disciplines, cognitive skills, physical well-being, emotional stability, and social interactions. With our carefully selected materials and tools, individuals can access a wealth of knowledge and engage in activities that nurture their cerebral, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual development.
Scholarships for Educators
This eBook is a resource pack for educators, containing a concise document listing scholarships available in various fields and programmes across different countries. This valuable resource also includes direct links to the official scholarship websites, making it easier for educators to explore additional research and study opportunities.
A Compilation of Learning Resources Across the Five Areas of Development
We compiled additional online resources to help individuals on their learning journey in the Five Areas of Development.
International Olympiads
Olympiad competitions in schools promote academic excellence, foster critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, motivating students and recognizing their achievements. They contribute to overall student development and prepare them for future academic and professional endeavours. This ebook lists International Olympiads from Mathematics to Robotics, offering incredible opportunities for academic growth, cultural exchange, and global understanding. By increasing participation, schools provide students with a comprehensive education, nurturing them as global citizens. This resource pack equips schools with valuable information for successful participation in these prestigious competitions. New editions will be released in the future, incorporating the latest resources.
Technology & Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the classroom enhances teachers' capabilities, empowering them with insights and tools to support student growth, adapt to individual needs, and prepare for the future. The objective of this ebook is to equip schools with current and flexible resources that empower learners to stay updated with technology. We believe this resource pack is indispensable in enriching the learning experience for all participants in the learning community. This ebook is a workin progress, and new editions will be released in the future with the latest resources.