Our Schools

Pallavan Pre School
Pallavan Learning Systems runs pre-schools for children in the age group of 1.5-8 years in Delhi NCR. Pallavan has an environment where children are able to discover the genius within themselves and learn the right skills and abilities with ample opportunities to display these skills. It was ranked first for six consecutive years by Education World Magazine in the best franchised preschool category.
Pallavan School, Jhalawar
Pallavan, Jhalawar is a school with a mission to foster quality education in the rural ambience of Jhalawar, Rajasthan. It was set up in 2008 with classes K – VI, catering to students largely from Jhalawar and the adjoining districts. It has now become a complete Playgroup-12 co-educational school.
Started in 2008 in Gurugram, Pallavanjali is committed to being a learning environment with a difference, a paradigm of inclusive education which responds to the diverse needs of all learners. There is a specific focus on learners with special needs. Pallavanjali Institute of Actualisation of Individual Potential (PIAIP) is committed to responding to specific needs of young adults, pertaining to technical and life skill development, leading to employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.
Second Chance School
Run by our associated entity, Ritinjali, the Second Chance School is a 2-3 year residential & day school programme for disadvantaged boys between 16-24 years of age, who did not get the first chance at education. The focus is on important life skills (communication, confidence, grooming, personality development), English, IT, expressive arts, internship and technical education. At the end of their time at Second Chance School, the boys go on to secure jobs and are integrated into society as responsible citizens.