Learning How to Learn
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Pallavan Learning Systems (PLS) is an educational research organisation that promotes actualisation of potential of all learners to help them become Persons of Substance.
Our Philosophy

Our approach emphasises learning how to learn so that every learner has the opportunity to actualise their potential, focusing on the five areas: Cerebral, Emotional, Physical, Social, and Spiritual.

Since 2016, every year, the Five Areas of Development has been recognised by HundrEd as one of the most influential ideas in education in the world.

We have numerous years of experience working with schools and institutes operating in various settings – public and private, urban and rural, local and international – and catering to diverse groups of learners – from 18-month to 25-year-olds, learners with special needs, and disadvantaged youth. With the deep understanding of learners and conviction that education is the best route to self-actualisation, PLS continues to strive to make meaningful contributions to the global field of education.

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Our Expertise
Programmes and Events


23rd November 2023

Mathematics is a subject that is often seen as abstract, complex, and detached from the real world. Many students struggle to find meaning and relevance in mathematical concepts, leading to disinterest and a lack of motivation to learn. However, at Pallavan Learning Systems, we believe that Mathematics is a language – language of the universe – that helps us make sense of the physical world around us. During this webinar, Dinesh Singh will strive to make Mathematics accessible, understandable and relatable with the help of History.

Our Latest Programme


Valuing what matters
7th September 2023

Pallavan Learning Systems’ webinar series this year is aptly termed, ‘On a Quest to Learn: A series on the evolving nature of one’s learning journey’. The second episode in the series was held on 7 September 2023 on the theme Assessment – Valuing What Matters. The focus of the second webinar, Assessment – Valuing What Matters, was to look at the evolving nature of assessment and gauge its effectiveness in helping people develop into persons of substance. The webinar delved into various modes of assessment and discuss their purpose and utility. More importantly, the webinar examined if we are assessing what we consider valuable, and analyse whether the process of assigning values needs to be reevaluated.

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Research and Publications

We frequently bring out books, articles and newsletters on education which encapsulate our focus on actualizing one’s potential and creating Persons of Substance. These publications serve as a testament to our focus on fostering well-rounded individuals.

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Perspectives on Education
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Our Work

We are passionate about collaborating with like-minded partners in education. Our projects have spanned India, Asia and the Middle East.

Our Schools
In line with our commitment to providing a learning environment with a difference, we actively run three schools: Pallavan Pre-school, a progressive school, Pallavan Jhalawar, which caters to rural learners, as well as an inclusive school - Pallavanjali with a focus on special needs.
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Our Partners
We provide full support in all aspects of work related to research, curriculum development and professional teacher development to schools in far-reaching areas including Bhutan and Oman - with an emphasis on inclusivity and technology.
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Our Initiatives
We bring students and teachers together to appreciate the interconnectedness of countries through the Asia Pacific School Initiative and The India-Bhutan Youth Summit. We also hold The School Leaders' Retreat and the Philosopher’s Retreat to encourage the free exchange of ideas among eminent educators across the world.
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