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Visit to Jhalawar
by Team Jhalawar

During Mr. Kapur’s visit to Pallavan School Jhalawar he spoke about the Pallavan philosophy of“Learning to Learn”. He emphasized that a teacher has as much to learn from the student as student does from the teacher.

Mr. Kapur along with other dignitaries visited the computer centre and weaving-stitching centre being run under Ritinjali and met the students and encouraged them for their efforts and wished them a bright future ahead. He liked the way the weaving was being done and encouraged the students of the free computer classes that runs after the school closes.

Mr. Kapur, joined by the Jhalawar-Baran Member of Parliament, Mr. Dushyant Singh and the District Collector of Jhalawar- Dr. Bharti Dixit interacted with the students and also took a round of the school.

The team also visited the Ritinjali classes, Ritinjali stitching and weaving centre, and took an overview of the work being done by Ritinjali in the area. Dr. Bharti also discussed the probability of liaising with Ritinjali to provide training to around 400 SHGs in Jhalawar either in weaving or stitching.

At the Ritinjali weaving centre fabric is woven using 80% cotton thread 20% of one’s choice. The fabric may be used for skirts or pants for the students. Bedsheets and towels are also woven using 100% cotton thread. A slightly thicker fabric using a slightly more course thread is also woven. This fabric may be used to stich bags and miscellaneous items. The bags made from this fabric and towels and bedsheets are sold at local trade fairs. The future plan is to weave fabric for the students’ uniform at Pallavan Jhalawar.

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