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Schooling vs Education

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What can be done to maintain mental well being during COVID-19?
How has the Covid-19 situation exacerbated mental health issues?
On depression, mental imbalance, and the approach towards such situations
What are the practices to follow to maintain the mental well-being of the elderly during COVID-19?
A word of advice from the speakers
Takeaways from the webinar ‘Ways of Learning’
Purpose of Education
Hybrid learning in marginalised section of the community
Future of digital learning
Experience of schooling during Covid 19
Advice to teachers to make digital learning interesting
Defining learning in the digital era
Maintaining focus and motivation during chaotic times
Effective online teaching
Changing roles of self, teachers and parents family members
Covid-19 impacts on the tradition system of learning
Aging and Learning Process
Importance of a balanced learner
New methods of learning which are Innovative, sustainable, and practical
Learning How to Learn
Arun Kapur on Lessons for Educational Institutions during COVID 19
How to 'transform' Teachers to Adopt a New Way of Educating Children
Arun Kapur on ‘Building Meaningful Institutions'
Arun Kapur's Journey from 'Leading Out' to 'Serene Strength'
Mental well-being/health/hygiene through the prism of Modern Science and Buddhist Psychology