Unlearning: Augmented Intelligence
and the Role of Technology in Education


In a world that is characterized by change, education has somehow managed to elude the grasp of this constant. However, the information revolution has ushered in an era of unprecedented re-design and forced us to question the way we think about education . For thinkers, planners, educationists, parents, guardians and the entire society, it is time to forge a new educational outcome in tune with the times to help our learners to thrive in the future.

This book proposes that education must focus on fostering persons of substance with Serene Strength. The author explores the concept of Serene Strength and person of substance and illustrates their inextricable relationship to education. The book concludes that knowledge is becoming obsolete faster than one can remember and it is imperative to acquire skills, processes and watermarks through an active, life-long learning process that is geared towards actualizing one’s potential.


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