November Issue I


Dear Readers,

It is interesting how quickly Pallavanjali adapted to the new way of learning during the ongoing pandemic. Initially it was like “oh a few days and then we will be back to our old ways” but as time passed it was clear that the situation was here to stay for a long time. Facing all odds Pallavanjali did rather well in most areas of learning. The speech and language therapists, the occupational therapist and special educators are doing their best in imparting education and exercises to the students and their parents. Teaching has become innovative and exciting most of the time. This is an opportunity for the educators to research and experiment for the best and easy way to reach all students because no two students are at the same level of learning.

The best thing that has happened is the parents’ participation which has been at an all time high during on-line classes. Parents have started realising the potential in their children and have been willing to work alongside them. For the older lot, parents have become partners in learning and so Pallavanjali has created an activity day for parents every Thursday, named ‘Thursday Thunder’ coined by the parents. One parent, every Thursday teaches cooking to the other parents and their children. This seems to have brought the adult parent community very close to each other. Some of them have started collaborating on their own ventures along with their adult ward.

However, there are many glitches too. For example, connectivity remains an issue, along with not having proper tools for therapy. But these situations also teach you to adapt. In the future when the situation normalises the way of learning will change for all. Both medium, on-line and physical presence will be used by most institutions.
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Pallavan Learning Systems Team