Press Release for Blockcerts

First Blockcerts Issued in India: Pallavan School and Vasant Valley School, facilitated my Pallavan Learning Systems and Learning Machine, Issue Blockchain Credentials. Read more:

NEW DELHI, India – Class XII Students at Pallavan School, Jhalawar, Rajasthan and Vasant Valley School, New Delhi First to Receive Blockcerts Credentials in India.

In collaboration with Learning Machine, the Pallavan School (Jhalawar, Rajhastan) and Vasant Valley School (New Delhi, Delhi) are the first K-12 institutions in India to issue Blockcerts to their students. The pilot program was led by Pallavan Learning Systems (PLS), an international educational research organization developing a novel curriculum that emphasizes Five Areas of Development for students: Physical, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, and Cerebral.

The pilot program issued multiple types of credentials: Leaving Certificates, Language Certificates, Character Certificates, Letters of Recommendation, and Five Areas of Development Mark Sheets. The issuance of required credentials using the Blockcerts open standard now enables their secure use and re-use in a verifiable digital format that is blockchain-anchored and recipient owned. Blockcerts overcome many challenges of paper credentials that are susceptible to fraud; credentials can now easily be shared with and verified by third parties.

Pallavan Learning Systems recognizes that talent knows no boundaries. They selected these two schools to participate in the proof-of-concept pilot program in order to demonstrate that students in both rural and metropolitan areas can benefit from receiving their credentials in Blockcerts format. According to the Internet and Mobile Association of India, India’s internet adoption has reached 451 million people, and mobile adoption is increasingly being driven by rural areas. These trends indicate that students across India stand to benefit from the successful demonstration of the Blockcerts pilot program. As the program moves forward, additional schools and types of credentials will be issued.

Arun Kapur founded Pallavan Learning Systems in 2001 after holding key roles at various educational institutions, including as a teacher at the Doon School and as founding Headmaster of Vasant Valley School. Mr. Kapur now serves as Director for Pallavan Learning Systems, Vasant Valley School, Ritinjali, and The Royal Academy in Bhutan. He founded Pallavan Learning Systems to leverage best practices in educational research to help learners actualise their potential and highlighted the significance of the pilot program and its long-term benefits for students and institutions “One of the core aspects of a (w)holistic education is learners taking ownership of their learning. We do this by inviting learners to be co-creators in designing their educational journey. In issuing them their first Blockcert digital credentials, we have taken this further to ensure that learners have complete ownership over the credentials they have earned.”