May Issue I


Dear Readers,

Pallavan Learning Systems designed and organized a Professional Development Programme for the faculty of Pallavan School, Jhalawar, Rajasthan. The two-part programme was designed to be part of our workshops for the beginning of the new academic session 2021-22. This programme was developed for all staff in pursuit of the belief that learning is lifelong and that it is important for the school culture to be understood by all.

In this context, it is particularly important for schools to encourage all teachers and staff to pursue professional development, not only to ensure the best learning outcomes for their students but also for teachers to be more effective and fulfilled in their respective roles. These workshops had to be organized virtually, because of continuing travel restrictions, using the Zoom platform over a period, between March – May 2021. The programme is driven by the effort to help faculty develop a deeper understanding of work in the following areas:
Being future-ready, especially in the context of what the world has experienced this past year
Classroom management for a conducive learning environment
Cultivating early literacy skills through storytelling
Developing writing skillsRead More

May Issue II


Dear Readers,

The purpose and role of teaching and learning resources don’t only consist of making the educational process more attractive and interesting, but also of encouraging active learning, the development of different skills, and the adoption of desirable values and attitudes of students.

Pallavan Learning Systems has compiled a comprehensive list of online resources to help learners in their growth in all the Five Areas of Development. We hope you are able to contextualise the collated resources to aid your learners actualise their potential in all areas of development.

The online resources are constantly updated to keep readers informed.

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