Services for Existing Schools

School Academic Audit: Monitoring and Evaluation:

Monitoring and evaluation in schools results in accountability which leads to school improvement. We conduct detailed audits of every aspect of running a school to come up with strategies for school improvement. The audits can be customized to the needs of the schools.

Professional Development:

We conduct teacher workshops and provide a wide variety of specialized training or advanced professional learning intended to help administrators, teachers, and other educators improve their professional knowledge, competence and effectiveness. We can also help teacher professional development by helping them set annual goals for self improvement and monitoring their progress so that they continuously upgrade their knowledge and skills.

Technology Integration:

We encourage schools to integrate technology in everyday matters. We provide guidance in creating a technology blueprint for the entire school.

Curriculum Development and Support for Implementation:

We can help with curriculum planning, design and development. We build capacity of teachers to develop and implement curriculum standards and school curricula with support of school management. We promote innovative and creative ideas in professional practice and encourage development and use of multimedia and other technologies to support teaching and learning.