Learning How to Learn

The importance of educators to move from content-based education to a process based education is further spoken about here.

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Helping Learners Actualize their Potential

Is an adult a reflection of the experiences he or she has accumulated during their childhood? Read more about it here.

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Wind Beneath Students Wings

Read another feature of HundrED, Finland here.

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Let’s Talk About Rape

Eight eminent Indians write open letters in Hindustan Times to discuss the reality of sexual assault in India. Read more about it here.

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Be a Lifelong Learner

By Sangeeta DoraiswamiThe drive to gain new knowledge is usually strong at the beginning of one’s career. Over time, this begins to diminish as people begin to get comfortable with how they do things and lose the urge to push themselves outside of their comfort zones. On the other hand, some may never stop pushing themselves towards new knowledge. They are constantly learning and adapting till retirement and maybe beyond! Such people are lifelong learners..Read More

Travelling and Education
By Sangeeta DoraiswamiTravel is not merely an experience, but an education in itself. In today’s increasingly multicultural society, travel is an important means of expanding the horizons especially of young people. In that sense, it fulfills one of the most important objectives of education, in its broadest sense: expanding the dimensions of a child’s perspectives. .Read More

School Readiness: Minimum Age Band
– Sangeeta Doraiswami & Saroj Thapa

There is broad diversity in the way different countries–and cultures–approach the entry point into formal education for children. The most important of these differences is the age at which enrolment is considered essential: many countries believe 5 year-olds are ready for schooling; some like India set 6 years as an appropriate threshold. Others like Finland pick an even later benchmark, at 7 years..Read More

Inculcating Gratitude in Children
by Sunaina Narang

Teaching our kids to say ‘thank you’ is important, but truly instilling a sense of gratitude in them is another matter entirely. Gratitude goes beyond good manners – it’s a mindset and a lifestyle. A recent Wall Street Journal article about raising kids with gratitude acknowledged a growing interest in the area of gratitude in the younger generation. . Read More

Nature vs Nurture
By Sunaina Narang

Nature vs nurture is an age-old rebate — does our genetic makeup define who we are or is it the environment that we grow up in have the most impact? I inherited my dad’s round face and my mother’s skin tone. But did I also inherit my father’s easy-going personality or my mother’s giving nature? As I grew I did begin to observe traits in my personality which were like those of my parents.

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On Creativity
By Nikita Bhargava

There was a WhatsApp forward I received a few months back that has stayed with me. It recounted the story of a little boy who was asked to draw a flower by his teacher, who demonstrated how a flower was drawn, with red petals and a green stem. When he proceeded to draw his own version, it looked nothing like his teacher’s. His had green petals and a yellow stem. The teacher saw this and immediately set out to rectify his ‘mistake’. She would have very strict instructions about every new assignment she gave. When the boy moved to a new school, he was asked to draw a flower by his new teacher.  Read More

Teaching the Spirit of Generosity over Christmas
by Sunaina Narang

Christmas is a time we all look forward to – young and old. I remember being swept up by the spirit of Christmas as a child – the lights, festivities and the gifts; that warm fuzzy feeling of going to bed at night and waiting for Santa Claus to arrive bearing gifts. It is a time when families come together; it is that one time in the year when disputes are cast aside and a feeling of togetherness takes over. It is a time when families value each other and thank God for the love and support that they have in each other. It is that one time in the year where the spirit of generosity takes over and we buy gifts for those around us.

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