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Pallavan Jhalawar Application: Salient Features


In the midst of the Corona Crisis when all schools were shut and the students were sitting idle at home with no constructive work to do, Pallavan School Jhalawar took an initiative and started online classes for the students from March 28 and became the first school in Jhalawar district of Rajasthan to do so. The classes were organized through the Zoom app. Initially, everything was working smoothly, but soon we realized that the classes were not secure and many people or students from other schools were entering our classes and creating a nuisance. Seeing the demands of parents, we decided that we should have our own application through which we could organize online classes for students and manage all the activities related to the school.

After many ups and downs, we were able to develop a dedicated application for students through which, the students were able to join online classes directly without the help of any third party with full security.

The salient features of the APP:

1. Live Classes: The Teachers can organize live classes for the students with the help of just few clicks. The students will get a notification about the live classes and will be able to join the classes with the help of just one click.

2. Homework and Assignment: The moment a teacher uploads any homework and assignment, the students of that particular class will receive a notification. The students can do the homework though the app. And only if required, they may take the help of a pen and paper. After completing the homework, the students will upload it and the teachers will get a notification about the uploaded assignments and homework.

3. Announcement: The admin staff or the assigned teachers may put an announcement with regard to school management, holiday, doubt during class, tests, quiz etc. and the students and parents may receive the announcements in the notification centre of their mobile

4. Daily Quiz: The teachers may organize daily or weekly quizzes in addition to organizing online class tests, examination or so on. One of the most important feature of the app is that, when a student while taking an online test will try to minimize his screen and search the answer on gGogle, the answer sheet of the student will be automatically submitted. Thus this will not allow any student to cheat during online tests. After the test is over, the teacher will be notified automatically about the number of students attempting the tests with their names.

5. Study Material: This is one of the most important features of the app. The teachers may upload any amount of study material in the form of videos, audios, pictures, PDFs or Office files. The students may have the access to these study materials at any point of time and they may also download and save to their phones and watch it whenever they get the time.

6. Managing Doubts: If the students raise any doubt in the doubt section, the teachers will get notifications for the same and when they address the doubts, the students will get notifications for the same. The app will also keep all the doubts saved as doubts raised, doubts addressed with all the details of the answers provided by the teachers in the doubts archive. The management will also be able to see the details of doubts raised and addressed.

7. Fee management: This is one feature which will be used by the management as well as the parents and the students. Under this, the accounts department will enter the due fee amount and the parents will also be able to see the details of the fee paid till date, fee due to be paid and upcoming fee. This makes it easier for the management as the fee may be received on time with full transparency. The students will be able to see only their fee details and no one will be able to see the fee details escept the management.

In addition to the above all features, the teachers can take attendance of the students through the app. The management will also be able to take attendance of the teachers through biometric devices. The app will keep on updating and we are in the process of adding library details, sports, music, life skills, five area of development, individual roadmaps of the teachers as well as that of the students. Currently, the app is available only on Google Playstore but soon we will register it on the IOS platform.