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At Pallavanjali
by Team Pallavanjali

May is celebrated as Mental awareness month.  8Th May was celebrated as Mom’s Day by the community of special moms, educators, and supporters. The moms came to together with the PIAIP team to interact and bond with each other.

The Bake sale by PIAIP students was a big hit with parents and kids coming together to take part in baking activities.

PIAIP also initiated the Plantation Drive within and around the Pallavanjali premises. The kids took pride in planting saplings. The initiative was so popular that it was extended to children taking saplings to be planted at home.

In the month of May We Bake bakery at Pallavanjali completed its first ever Bakery training module.

The tasks that seem too simple or mundane are the tasks that need the most attention. Students need constant supervision for tasks as basic as washing personal clothes, simple folding of clothes, making a cool beverage, cutting fruit, chopping vegetables etc.

Reading is a popular activity amongst the children. The reader’s circle has been reading the adventure genre – Hardy Boys. Hashim saves the mangoes’ – was also read under the Pratham series. Audio for the same was done.

Body awareness is an ongoing program with multiple fitness activities, it also includes movement in space and balance and coordination. Balancing activities involved the see-saw, stepper, and trampoline.

Students took turns measuring, cut, paste wallpaper that was used to add to the décor of the bakery.

Washing, drying, and folding of T-shirts was done by students under supervision.

Independent Living Skills: They also tried their hands at vegetable scraping and chopping using a peeler, blunt knife, and vegetable chopper

Students were assisted in making drinks- cold coffee, watermelon juice, and fruit salads using seasonal fruits.

Foot soak followed by scrubbing and application of lotion was done as a part of a self-care routine. The use of a comb was done for all, simple hair styles were done for girls.

Occasional Nature walks brought in discoveries, relaxation, and rejuvenation. The maintenance of our green compost is an everyday regime.

Photography was introduced via mobile phone cameras. Students were given basic skills of observing and capturing colors, focusing on the object, light, and understanding how these elements impact the quality of a picture.

Dance and rhythm as part of expressive arts cover the aspect of emotional regulation and social skills.

Story time based on acceptance of conflict as part of life and creative solutions were Visual & supported by role play. Self- introduction is a regular drill.

Very importantly students were explained about Gender differentiation. The basics of body, clothes & voice were used for differentiation.

Students were made to recognize Signages also for the same. Acceptable social distance was explained as well.

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