The Importance of Travel in Education By Nikita Bhargava

As our daily lives become busier and more complicated, it’s important to step outside of them once in a while to travel and recharge. Butto look at travel as just a recreational activity is to miss out on a massive opportunity- that of looking at it as part of one’s education. Education is not confined to a classroom, nor does it end with school- education is a lifelong process. And when you travel, the world becomes your classroom.You don’t need to go to far-off places to see and learn new things. Travel is about learning by simply changing your perspective and stepping outside your comfort zone.

There is no better way to learn than to learn from experience and the best kind of travel is where each experience teaches you something new. Travel gives you the opportunity to see the real world application of things one may only have read about in books and find out more about them. One can pick up new skills and languages much faster when you are exposed to new environments and cultures. To put it simply, travel expands your knowledge.

But the biggest opportunity to learn when travelling, is not outside of yourself but inside. When you open your mind to new things and step outside your comfort zone, you grow as a person.You become more empathetic when you see people living their lives in conditions sometimes more difficult than your own. You can be inspired by the beauty you come across and may discover new passions and purpose. It forces you to re-think your daily life-when you are exposed to new ways of living, it often makes you want to make adjustments to your own. Travel helps gain clarity about what you want your ideal life to look like, as you zoom out and gain new insights about the world and yourself.

A good education helps you become the best version of yourself and for that you need to understand yourself, which one is unable to do unless they pause and reflect. When you change your environment and by extension your perspective, you may discover new things about yourself. The idea is to have a learner’s attitude whenever you travel- open, enthusiastic and willing to change.