April Issue I


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Pallavanjali Institute for Actualization of Individual Potential (PIAIP) which is a sister concern of Pallavan Learning celebrated its annual day with colours as its theme.

The workshop was organized by Social Media Matters team which works towards building the capacities of communities, youth, law enforcement, and the government in encouraging the use of social media for social change. Two of its senior leaders, Vikram Singh and Pratishtha Arora discussed the prevalent misuse of the social media platform and explained how it can impact the lives of common people. To Read more about the workshop Click Here

April Issue II


Dear Readers,

Observing the challenges faced by the youths while using social media, an online workshop was organized for the students of Second Chance School of Ritinjali involving students from both Mahipalpur, Delhi and Jhalawar, Rajasthan.
It is amazing how the last one year of the pandemic has transformed learning and taken it to a different level. Yes, there are many cons to the same number of pros. But let’s just concentrate on our pros. Technology has never been appreciated as much. The human mind is unique and it is amazing how quickly we adapted to new ways of online teaching. From the beginning, the team at PIAIP had decided that they would not miss any activities just because it is challenging to do them online. Innovative ways were developed, be it occupational therapy, physical education, exposure visits, internships, or online events. The celebration of the annual day is an example of that.

The theme for this year’s annual day was colours. What is life without colours? Colours play an exceptionally prominent role in our lives. They influence our thinking, inspire our decision-making, and impact our moods. Every colour has a story to tell, and every colour denotes different emotions. Keeping to this idea, the students chose different colours through which to express themselves. To Read more about it Click Here
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