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A Workshop on Online Safety for the Students of Second Chance School


Observing the challenges faced by the youths while using the social media, an online workshop was organized for the students of Second Chance School of Ritinjali involving students from both Jhalawar and Ritinjali, Mahipalpur.

The workshop was organized by Social Media Matters Team which works towards building the capacities of communities, youth, law enforcement, and the government in encouraging the use of social media for social change. Two of its senior leaders Vikram Singh and Pratishtha Arora discussed with students regarding the prevalent misuse of the social media platform entering into the lives of common people.


The focus of the workshop was to train the students how to use the internet carefully and securely. The stress was given on connecting with only the people we know well and how to enable the security features of the different applications and what the two way verification is, its importance and how to enable it on the mobile.

In addition to that, the students were warned about the number of followers and friends on different social media platform as it was observed that many students had accepted friend’s invitations from many unknown followers in order to boast of a high number of followers. The session ended on a promise that all the students will enable and check the security features of their application. A follow up session is to follow after some time.

It was really a great and fruitful session in which the facilitators connected with the students and also the students were able to grasp the concepts and relate it to their daily lives. The discussion on security setting of various applications and social media accounts, two-way verification, onetime password etc. were really useful and eye opening not only for the students rather for team Ritinjali. Discussions also took place on keeping a really strong password and avoiding using date of birth, or passwords that are easy to guess to ensure maximum and full security of the accounts.

Overall, it was an amazingly useful and need based session from which not only the students but every attendee benefitted a lot. We hope that a follow up session will be organized soon so that we may gauge the behavioural changes among us as well as among the students.