School Leaders’ Retreat 2020: Centre for Escalation of Peace 8 and 9 July 2020

The School Leaders’ Retreat is a biennial programme for school leaders to hold discussions and take part in common learning experiences. This helps to build a foundation of shared values and create a network of leaders in the Asia-Pacific community. An integral part of the Asia Pacific Schools Initiative (APSI), the School Leaders’ Retreat brings together school leaders with the intent of inculcating an understanding of ‘Leadership through Serene Strength’ and inspiring them to support the students and teachers of their schools. We believe that if schools practice and promote ‘Leadership through Serene Strength’, it will have a multiplier effect and will spread in the community, country and region. …Read More

Developing a Sustainable Community Approach to Promote Learning & Creating a Framework for Reopening Schools: PLS Webinar 25 June 2020

Pallavan Learning System’s third webinar was moderated by Kamal Ahuja, the Deputy Headmaster of the Doon School. The panellists were Debasish Chakrabarty from The Doon School, Dehradun, India; Habiba Mohammed Al-Hadi Jaballah from Paradise Valley Private School, Muscat, Oman; Tshering Nidup from The Royal Academy, Paro, Bhutan; and Ashish Arora from The Scindia School, Gwalior, India. In addition, two parents, Suhale Kapoor and Padhmalakshmi Iyengar were invited as panellists for the session. About 50 participants attended the webinar. …Read More

The Future of Learning: PLS Webinar 27 May 2020

The second webinar hosted by Pallavan Learning Systems aimed to continue to connect and draw on the expertise and experiences of practitioners to design learning experiences to help learners actualise their potential. The focus of this webinar was to explore ideas around the question ‘What is the future of learning?’…Read More

Nurturing Our Learners in the Time of Covid-19 : PLS Webinar 24 April 2020

On 24th of April 2020 Pallavan Learning Systems organised its first webinar on Nurturing Our Learners in the Time of Covid-19. In PLS we are concerned about how online education is conducted so that it meets the needs of our learners. What should we be doing to nurture our learners so that we continue to support their wholistic growth and not simply focus on transaction of academic content?…Read More